Patterson Lakes Community Centre set to re-open

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
July 24, 2020 | Ed

Patterson Lakes Community Centre is set to re-open after an upcoming consultation according to the council, with Consumer Affairs Victoria today dissolving the volunteer-run association operating it following financial issues.

As reported by Bayside News, the committee behind Patterson Lakes Community Centre Inc voted in May to dissolve the association and to exit a lease agreement with the City of Kingston. It followed previous attempts to secure additional funding from the council in 2019 and 2020, including requests for a financial rescue package.

Having been in the hands of community volunteers since 1988, the facility is expected after consultation to become the second council-operated community centre in the municipality. As a central community hub, the centre will be of importance to unifying us by supporting residents via programs, including the elderly as restrictions in future allow. From physical activities to community discussion, the centre serves a wide range of essential community functions needed.

In February, I was engaged by the centre to assist with addressing a funding shortfall resulting in an inability to cover basic cleaning costs and address any wear and tear, without considering replacing the 10-year-old phone system, purchasing a basic PA system, or even funding the advertisement of their services.

President, Cameron Leslie said: “He was very generous with his time and advice for the Patterson Lakes Community Centre to bounce ideas off and offer community view points.”

Maintenance of the centre has been undertaken and hirers have been contacted, with Cr Bearsley declaring to “open the doors as soon as possible.” Accordingly, the council says further information will be available shortly.

Update: the Patterson Lakes Community Centre and Library opened on November 30, with consultation and programming to occur in early 2021. Notification of retirement villages is expected.

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