Rossdale Golf Club - Cameron Howe

Membership drive to get clubs swinging

August 2, 2017 camhowe 0

Many golf clubs are facing continued financial pressure. Rossdale Golf Club has faced the same pressure, and a new sporting precinct at the heart of Aspendale formed a part of the plan to increase revenue.

Carrum foodie delights - Cameron Howe

Foodie delights meet the beach

July 29, 2017 camhowe 1

The motion of the ocean and the sound of crashing waves; welcome to Carrum beach, a few moments walk from two foodie delights offering sweet and savoury food against ambient settings.

Chelsea Bicentennial skate park - Cameron Howe

Youth precinct rolls on

July 8, 2017 camhowe 0

The $1.4 million transformation of Chelsea’s Bicentennial Park has finally taken shape following significant delays due to wet weather.