Cameron Howe’s abstract expressionist style encapsulates emotion and story-telling into figures.

An emphasis is placed on subconscious creation and due to this no painting is planned. Rule one of art is there are no rules. Detail is dotted, paint is scored and cut to create depth and texture, which collectively creates a distinctively original, bold and often vibrant aesthetic. 

Finalist, 2014 Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award

Immersion, Frankston Arts Centre. August 2018
Women in Art, Frankston Arts Centre. August 2019
Change, Frankston Arts Centre. August 2021
Faces (debut solo), Frankston Arts Centre. 30 June – 22 October 2022
Belonging, Frankston Arts Centre. August 2022

Big, bold, bright eyed faces are an unplanned translation of raw inner emotions onto canvas in Cameron’s debut solo exhibition. Figurative creations come alive through spontaneity of thought and feeling.