Cameron Howe is a Melbourne writer, artist and marketer.

His childhood was dominated often on a daily basis by his mother’s concert piano pieces being played for up to five hours. From painting and photography to the work he does in the media, Cameron is a lover of the arts, with an abstract expressionist style that encapsulates emotion and storytelling into figures.

“The arts runs in my blood — allowing me to express what I can’t find words for and to connect with others,” Cameron says.

His community advocacy began at age 16 while completing a major assessment task on erosion at Carrum foreshore for VCE Geography. This would lead him to submit a proposal to authorities for the management of foreshore erosion, later founding the Carrum and Patterson Lakes Forum at the same age in 2010 to continue these efforts.

By age 22, Cameron had begun working alongside major media outlets, including the Herald Sun, The Age and Nine News in the context of community issues. According to News Corp by 2020, Cameron had led campaigns for several of the region’s largest projects, including the Mordialloc Freeway amongst backing 70 community causes totalling “more than $540m.”

As recognised by Carrum MPs, Cameron is widely regarded for his commitment to the community in addition to being a patrolling lifesaving club member. At age 26, he entered the 2020 Kingston City Council election, going on to be “comfortably elected” to the role of councillor.

He holds a Bachelor of Business with majors in Management and Marketing from RMIT University, and writes for independent publications in addition to consulting on sales and marketing. Cameron has diverse experience working with government, wholesalers, brands, real estate and media tailoring strategies to visions.

Please note this is Cameron’s creative portfolio and council matters must be directed to