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Ange Madafferi - Cameron Howe
Ange Madafferi motivational speaker by Cameron Howe

Cameron Howe, The Mordialloc Chronicle
November 28, 2017

Addiction and a life-changing car crash, led a young Ange Madafferi to becoming a master of his mind, and ultimately a motivational coach.

Surrounded by a toxic environment and in a spiral of addiction, in early 2014, Ange took ownership of his issues by entering into a rehabilitation program with Windana Drug and Alcohol Facility. Leading a stable life upon release, his life flashed before him when his four wheel drive collided with a truck in May, 2015.

The traumatic turn of events would leave Ange lying in a hospital bed, with his right leg broken in three places, right hip broken in four places, pelvis broken in two places, fractured vertebrae in his neck, a broken sternum, broken nose, and nerve damage to his spine. “I was told that I would never walk again,” Mr Madafferi said.

Consuming 32 pills a day for his brain injury, nerve damage, pain relief and blood pressure, it took a full year before Ange would beat the odds and walk again. “I knew I had goals each day and the goals were only small. Everyday I would have completed the goals, I would have progressed further, and that is how I proved the doctors wrong,” he said.

With PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety to contend with, it was ultimately his self-motivation that lead to a lifestyle change, and through studying the behaviour of the brain, Ange soon took control of his mind. Leaving behind the anger and the insidious thoughts, his mindset shifted to a focus on meditation and positive outlets. 

“Having a second chance at life, will change your mind. The more I researched, the more my mind would grow, and with an accident like that, I should be a vegetable or dead,” he said.

The incident was the turning point that would create the opportunity to become a motivational speaker, with presentations at Collingwood Football Club, The Alfred, rehabilitation facilities, and secondary schools. Months following the incident, Ange, supported by walking sticks, would give his first presentation. Feeling the impact that he had on those in attendance, from that point onwards he knew that he wanted to support others.

The focus of these presentations is to assist attendees with becoming high performance users of their minds. Ange discusses how to create structure and consistency via the elimination of distractions, expectation management, and goal setting. “You’re the one with the choice, other people don’t make it for you,” he states.

Ange’s personal journey has not been without its setbacks, but he does stress that the environment that you are in is everything, which is key to rebuilding you. 

“I’ve been nothing but stronger each day, and I pass that strength onto others, which is why I am a motivational speaker.” 

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