Carrum festival’s ‘green message’ to hit home

Carrum sunset - Cameron Howe
Carrum sunset by Cameron Howe

Cameron Howe, The Mordialloc Chronicle
February 3, 2017

Hundreds will attend a new festival to celebrate a greener future later this month, and with an eclectic experience, this lifestyle event will be appealing to all, including the suburban hippy.

The Carrum Sustainable Festival made possible by a $10,000 council grant will inform the community of changes that they can take home to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, by targeting attitudes towards household inefficiencies, waste and pollutants.

The grant will enable the council to promote its ASPIRE program, which links businesses with waste products to those who can recycle them into usable materials. According to the council’s Community Sustainability General Manager Mauro Bolin, the event “will provide an opportunity for local businesses to promote local initiatives and products that support the environmental messages of the festival.”

The Sustainable Business of the Year award will be presented to firms who have a stall at the event, which is a first of its kind, and will recognise innovative ideas profiting from the lucrative green trend.

Event organiser Jess Scarlett believes that we are a significant influence on the environment and she wants to deliver a message that resonates with everyone. “It’s time to give back to the very Earth that we stand on, and that doesn’t necessarily mean planting a tree, it is as simple as being conscious about waste,” she says.

The Carrum Foreshore car park will play home to the event with its markets, stalls, live music, and food trucks. It doesn’t stop there, with water-based activities likely to be popular with many.

Ms Scarlett says that it is a life long dream for her to deliver the event that will be launched on February 25th at Carrum Foreshore.

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