Pony club gallops towards its 60th anniversary

Mentone Pony Club - Cameron Howe
Mentone Pony Club celebrates 60 years

Cameron Howe, The Mordialloc Chronicle
February 27, 2018

Membership at Mentone Pony Club continues to boom, thanks to the club’s spacious Patterson Lakes site, and its vision for an inclusive environment that fosters confidence in young riders.

Four years ago, the club moved into its Learmonth Road, Patterson Lakes premises, before later securing a lease from the Council for the abutting 17.5 hectare site. This has been transformed into a national standard equestrian cross-country course.

According to President Mike Creed, clinics run at the club with international level instructors, have described the new course as being one of the best in Victoria. “Many say how awesome it is to have such a great facility so close to home,” he says.

“Over the years we have seen children who are very nervous, shy or insecure, develop into confident and connected people. This is thanks to the structured way that we work with them and their horses in discipline, persistence, communication and the need to get things right.”

However, Mentone Pony Club is now facing a challenge. They are currently in the process of talks to construct a bridge across a Melbourne Water drain that currently splits the club’s grounds in half. “Currently we need to supervise riders travelling between the two sites on a public road that has a mixture of traffic from cars to road trains. We have been in discussions with Melbourne Water, but the bureaucracy is a major challenge in achieving an appropriate crossing,” Mr Creed says.

Mentone Pony Club caters to beginners and mentors them onto the international stage if this is their desire. In 2017, the club won the Horse Trials State Championship in Victoria. The club recently celebrated their 60th anniversary in February, where one of their riders who recently competed in both Ireland and the United States, put on a demonstration amongst other activities.

The club has a vision to develop programs for riders with disabilities, fun days and trail rides.

For further information, please see mentoneponyclub.com

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