Interactive performance redefines theatre

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
May 6, 2019

Mysterious and challenging the norm, the ingenuity behind No. 33’s production mixes film with live performance within an unravelling, abstract storyline. Non-theatre goers like myself were captivated in an immersive experience, where the lives of four women were uncovered in an intriguing, dark setting.

With our shoes removed, we walk into darkness, where a woman in a white, formal dress stands. As thundering music plays, she eerily steps forward to the repetitious voice of “Evelyn, over here.”

Images line the walls of the people’s lives that will be explored. Entering through the door, No. 33 into a small, dark room in a burst of light, four projectors fire on and off as the antique film begins. 

Wafting through the air is a notable cello’s grind. At times the warm, ambient lights flick on momentarily revealing a live character behind a silk screen.

We are free to move around, taking in the rollercoaster ride of each woman’s life. This culminates in audience members reading clues, as they further investigate their relationships.

As a whole the show is impressive, however the storyline is complex, leaving some satisfied and others wanting to learn more. Shows are limited to 15 people for intimacy.

Rating ★★★★

Tickets are available from the Frankston Arts Centre in May.

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