Rebuild materialises for Aspendale Life Saving Club

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
August 4, 2018

Described as being ‘no longer fit for purpose’ by Life Saving Victoria, Aspendale Life Saving Club’s facilities will soon be upgraded, thanks to state funding.

President, Chad Henry earlier this year vocalised his vision for a purpose-built facility to address structural integrity concerns, and meet their annual membership growth of 20 per cent driven by its popular nippers program. 

In the recent state budget $2 million dollars was committed to redeveloping Aspendale Life Saving Club, which is anticipated to cost approximately $4 million dollars. “We are excited by the news and looking forward to using our new facility, which will provide the space required to meet our growth,” said Mr Henry.


Aspendale, Mentone and Bonbeach life saving facilities each received state funding. The council’s Community Sustainability General Manager Mauro Bolin said: “$5 million dollars has been set aside in forward planning to contribute towards the projects.”

Discussions with the City of Kingston to define the scope and requirements of the project are now occurring. 

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