Eagles swoop in on $3M for Regents Park rebuild

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
November 9, 2018

Bipartisan funding from both major parties ahead of the state election will deliver a new sporting facility at Regents Park, Aspendale.

Commitments of $3 million and $3.5 million, respectively, have been pledged by the Liberals and Labor ahead of the state election, which will add to the City of Kingston’s existing $2 million dollar contribution.

The single change room has been like ‘packing sardines into a can’ during football games for the Eagles. Now with participation in women’s football increasing, the facilities have been failing to accommodate all users.

Edithvale Aspendale Sporting Club President, Peter O’Connor said: “This commitment is unprecedented in the club’s history, and bodes well for the future development of a ‘truly integrated’ Edithvale Aspendale Sporting Club, encapsulating football, cricket, netball and tennis, across all age and gender groups.”

With construction of two new netball courts expected to get underway soon, the funding will help deliver a two storey pavilion, with new change room facilities, function rooms and improved spectator facilities. Upgrades to the oval itself and tennis facilities are also on the agenda.

However, further funding will be required to reach the preferred design for the reserve, with the club looking to enter into discussions with the successful party following the November 24 state election.

“It’s going to be massive for us, we’re absolutely wrapped,” said Mr O’Connor.

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