Kingston declared termite prone

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
October 22, 2018

More than a year later, the council will at last implement its termite policy to safeguard properties.

Earlier this year, Melbourne Polytechnic’s entomologist, Dr Don Ewart declared it “crazy” to not declare the City of Kingston termite prone, stating that the pests were thriving within the municipality.  

To the frustration of Dr Ewart, Victoria unlike other states, does not mandate termite protection during construction. “It’s only Victoria who has held out with their stupidity. We’ve known about this issue for decades, but local government are slow to react,” he said.


Councillors agreed tonight that the City of Kingston should be designated termite prone, enforcing builders to install termite barriers during construction, at an expense of approximately $1,000.

South Ward councillor Tamsin Bearsley, who championed the issue said: “The policy will put Kingston homeowners first, by ensuring that they are informed, and can take practical steps to prevent termite infestations.”

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