Carrum Boardriders on the hunt for next bay wave

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
May 1, 2020

Bustin’ at the chops for a surf, Carrum Boardriders has been established by local legends keen to catch the illusive ‘bay wave.’

You laugh and say, there is no surf in the bay! Well, tell that to locals with their surfboards and boogie boards tucked under arm, who are taking to the river mouth on days whipping up strong westerly winds.

Thrash and crash — breaking off the rocks at the river mouth, aptly named Rockies are waves ranging up to 3ft, which are often produced during winter’s polar plunge. Founder, Sammy Ridgway (pictured) with “contracted” photographer Maxy Carmichael, have started their own Facebook page to capture the shenanigans as well.

Onlookers may be amused but before their time, surfing magnet Phil Trigger was catching bay waves at Bonbeach, who went on to start surfing company, Trigger Brothers.

So if you see locals with surfboards tucked under arms, give them a wave as they turn a wintery day into fun. Please note: insulting a Carrum boardrider is a jail-able offence. P.P.S: the boys loved the write up.

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