Dingley welcomes $100m Hawks facility

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
January 31, 2021

Only a kick away, Hawthorn Football Club’s Kennedy Community Centre a part of their $100m home base, will also include a pavilion, ovals and indoor courts for community use.

There is a catch: State Government funding is yet to be provided for the world-class Dingley Village facility. Meanwhile the Federal Government has committed $15m in addition to the club’s fundraising and their own $30m contribution.

According to Hawthorn FC president, Jeff Kennett the Kennedy Community Centre, named after former club captain and premiership player, John Kennedy Sr would meet “changing needs.” Female participation in the sport is increasing, with the facilities to also be home to Hawthorn’s AFLW team.

“The plans for the centre are built on the Kennedy family’s spirit of inclusion, working together and giving back and we look forward to bringing this vision to life,” Mr Kennett said.

Kingston ward committee member, Jane Agirtan (pictured right) said the facility would be an asset to the community. “This state-of-the-art project will tackle demand for the game, while delivering Kingston’s second AFL drawcard, alongside St Kilda’s RSEA Park in Moorabbin,” Ms Agirtan said.

A further presentation on the 28-hectare development at 94 Tootal Rd is expected to come forward to Kingston City Council for consideration. Construction could begin as soon as later this year, subject to the Council committing $14m to the project.

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