Bold Mentone LSC plans approved

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
February 18, 2021

Bold plans for the $14.5m Mentone Life Saving Club redevelopment, will see the state-of-the-art landmark feature a new roof-top viewing deck serving up more than just bay sunsets.

It is not just the salty seaside air that finds its way to Mentone beach, so do tens-of-thousands visitors annually, who will be able to take in expansive views from shaded seating or the balcony. Visitors under plans recently approved will be greeted by a meandering boardwalk from Beach Road to the promenade under stage one plans.

Ample storage space, a kitchenette, kiosk, gym, office, dining and social facilities along with toilet, shower and training amenities are some of the facility’s features. It is all possible thanks to local and state funding contributions that will see Mentone become one of Kingston’s largest life saving clubhouses.

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  1. Can you pease make it public – unlike the huge amount spent on Edithvale Surf Club – no restaurant overlooking the sea. Or perhaps Edithvale might be happy to open up. Huge amount of money spent and no-one able to use them except a few surf club members.

    • Agree. No public use? We’re crying out for a restaurant overlooking the water. I’m really hoping this isn’t another members only clicky club. The LSCs in QLD and NSW have got this right. Good food, reasonably priced for the community. Down here it’s all inaccessible.

  2. Agree. And also need to have board walks from Patterson River to Mordialloc to enable disabled and walkers access to beach views throughout the year. Even keep the dogs off the beach more which would cheer up those who don’t want dogs on beach. These boardwalks could link up to surf and yacht clubs for coffee or meals. Wouldn’t that be wonderful ?

  3. Hope the new toilets are graded so that the water on the floor drains to waste (unlike the current setup.

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