Extension heralded for Carrum SLSC

Cameron Howe, News by Cameron
May 3, 2021

Revelling for more room, Carrum Surf Life Saving Club members could at last have adequate storage space, thanks to plans for an extension to the busy bayside club, with the highest median number of rescues in the past five years of all metropolitan clubs.

Wild winds in 2010 resulted in the wall of the former clubhouse collapsing, which in turn led to a new clubhouse being constructed in 2013 with $1.5m in state funding. Since then membership has soared and finding space for jet skis, IRBs, trailers, boards and the club’s ATV along with other equipment has proved difficult.

In 2018, support was obtained from the state government, leading to $1.5m in funding to extend the upstairs floor and increase storage space downstairs. So what’s installed?

Key features include:

  • expanded ground floor storage capacity
  • additional change facilities, separating juniors from seniors
  • a family change room
  • upstairs extension for training and observations facilities
  • additional office space
  • realignment of foreshore ramp
  • minor cosmetic refurbishments including to the oxidised exterior cladding

Community consultation is expected to proceed, subject to the council formalising the 2021/22 budget with construction considered for 2022.

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